Friday, October 31, 2008

Pallin with Palin

I started this post a week ago, and realized that I hadn't posted it yet.. OOOPS!

Wow, it's been a day and I'm still excited. Wednesday, Sarah Palin spoke in Jeffersonville, IN. I got tix for me and the fam. Unfortunately, Mike couldn't go because he had to work, but my BIL and SIL did get to go with us.

We arrive in Jeff around 4:00 and 1 hour later were scanned and in the building. Much to J's dismay, it was still an hour and a half before the festivities were to begin. He was pretty cranky about having to attend, he was certain it would be boring. At 5:30 Governor Daniels came out and spoke, then at 6:30 somebody with the campaign came out and we all said the Pledge of Allegiance, then local candidates gave their speeches. Hank Williams Jr. came out to sing a few songs and finally around 8:00 they announced Sarah Palin. My kids, finally perked up, when out came Sarah and Todd Palin from the "Straight Talk Express". She introduced her husband and asked Hank to lead us in the national anthem before beginning her speech.

We all craned and wiggled trying to get a view through the crowd of her. I picked up both the kids so they could see over the heads. They loved it when they saw her in person. About half way through her speech folks started moving towards the doors. It surprised me, but it was also getting late and VERY warm in the warehouse. I think these folks were just trying to get a jump on the traffic. The stump speech was pretty much the same stuff I'd heard from watching previous speeches. So we took advantage and moved closer to the stage where all of us could get a better live view of the candidate and we watched until she left the stage. I have to admit. I was very surprised at how emotional I became at the end of the night when I was in a position to actually see her speak. I'm not the kind who gets really excited about seeing famous people, they are just another person, who happens to be seen a lot. So I really had to think about why this moment was having such an impact on me. Then it struck me, Sarah Palin is someone I could be friends with, she embodies my values and comes from a similar background. Her success shows that the American Dream really is still available to all of us and to our children. She grew up in a middle class home, child of two teachers, went to PUBLIC schools, then attended several colleges, all state or small schools. She married and began her family, her husband worked as a commercial fisherman and is a member of the Steel Union. She became active in her children's public school and community and progressed from there. She has lived what is the experience of most of america. (minus the rise to national leadership ;) ).

Another thing that appeals to me about her, is that she is proud to be a woman. She is comfortable in her skin. For years, I have been turned off by the women that are dominant in the political discourse. I have watched the women we have in very visible leadership positions, and I've listened to the feminists and I finally have realized what it was that made me so uncomfortable about all of them, it seems that they resent being women. For years I've listened to how men and women are the same. And I've always been struck that we're not. There are tremendous physical and mental differences between the genders. Are we equally valuable, YES. But, we are different. And it seems to me that these women leaders on the left Hate being women, it's not that they want to be treated equally with men, they want to be men.

The most obvious thing that makes us different from men is our gift of motherhood and it's this very thing that the Left attacks the most. Lipservice is paid toward motherhood, but call a planned parenthood (the sacred temple of the feminist movement, and say that you think you're pregnant and abortion will be suggested, if not first very soon after). The most cherished priviledge to these "leaders" among women, is the right to choose to kill their unborn children. Somehow, if we can "control" the very thing that makes us powerful as women, Women are told that children are punishment, how often have women been belittled for choosing to raise their children? Large families are generally belittled and the women who would bear these children as unintelligent. This is why Sarah Palin, a strong woman, attracts me she is obviously comfortable with her femininity. She embraces her motherhood, she has five children and didn't abort the one that is the most vulnerable to abortion. She has stood by her values, even when it was scarey and "inconvenient" to do so.

I was impressed by Todd Palin, and his strength and support of his wife as she pursues the second highest office in our land. From the look on his face and actions throughout, I get the impression that this is a man, that is strong in himself as a leader of his family and comfortable supporting his outspoken wife. I really sense that this was a family decision. I can understand how this would work in a family, because I have a husband who is strong in himself, is the leader of our family and supports me in anything I choose to do. He married a strong(willed) woman and it isn't threatening to him, because he is a strong man.