Tuesday, March 18, 2008

a new blog

OK, in order to express my more activist side, I've started a second blog http://hiebtown.blogspot.com/ I realize the names should actually be reversed, with hiebtown, being the family site and mshieb being the personal, but I just didn't have that all together when I started a month ago. SO, if your interested click on the link and you can read more of my ramblings and thoughts on current events/issues.


Happy, Happy, Hap-py

That's the title of the soon to be #1 hit from the mellow voice of my 3 year old. When he was born we were debating what his name should be: George Gilbert-honoring family or Samuel Asher- in tradition with our other children's names. We took family polls, contemplated and discussed. Finally, I did the unheard of...I left the choice to my husband and we decided to chose after he was born. Our thought was that he would "tell" us which it was. A was born so quickly, that I didn't get to see him until a few hours after his birth. M went with him to the nursery and when he joined me in the recovery room, I asked "so which is it?". With a mixed emotion he said "he's an Asher."

Funny thing though...the name Asher means happy. So it has just struck my fancy lately at how "happy" has become a theme from this child. When he likes something his response is "that makes me happy" or he'll just come in " I so happy" Summarized today of course, when he picks up the guitar, starts strumming and singing "Happy, happy, happy" One appreciates it more when they can hear it in his own speech impeded way.

Another thing about this child, he definitely sets his own agenda. His birth prepared me for that . He came a week before his due date (my only child to do that) then came much faster than any of the hospital staff expected (even though I told them it was a fourth child) and has been moving through life on his own terms ever since. He had this gorgeous head full of blonde curls, that I refused to cut short. Then one day M decided that he was cutting them off and A got the same buzz cut the other boys have. He was hysterical for the rest of the evening, "I want it back" he came crying to me. But, within the week he embraced this "new him" (the haircut changed his look from my baby to a little boy) and he decided that he WAS big (we'd been battling potty training, I'd ask don't you want to be big, babies go potty in their pants. And he'd say "I not big, I baby" ) After the haircut though he became big, at least in his mind, and there is no calling him baby anymore. Fortunately, he still loves hugs and cuddles, as do all my boys. But, heaven help me the day any of my boys say they are too big for hugs, for that's the day A will abandon them too.

Our "big" battle has now moved into the kitchen. His recent cause of un-happy-ness, was my refusal to allow him to cook Mac-n-cheese on the stove. His older brothers both can cook meals that require boiled water, and have learned to do most every step from filling the pot, to turning on the stove (I still drain the water) and adding the necessary ingredients to complete their pasta dish. Well, A just didn't accept that he's not big enough for cooking on the stove and full on tears ensued. Fortunately for me, his defiance is often in word only and while his mouth protests, his body complies. So, many tears and unheard explanations later lunch was on the table and A had not been near the stove. And after lunch all were happy again.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

No news is no news

This is the long hard part, waiting for a phone call saying we've got kids. Funny, when we were going through our classes, I could find all sorts of kids available. Now that we're approved the only sibling pair I've found that matches us aren't really available for adoption. So, I guess I'm getting one of those infamous lessons on patience. The army also has left us hanging and is not approving M to go to Fort Hood nor are they giving us any further hints about a time for a possible move to Germany (M believes it'll be a winter move).

On to other things, I got to scare a punk kid this week. I saw a neighbor boy who has been an "eddie haskel" type in my yard and he picked something up and threw it towards the house. Curious, I went to the window to watch him because he walked up to the sidewalk. He then proceeded to bend over and look at my Pansies and rip one out of the flowerbed, look at it and throw the whole plant on the ground. I immediately went to the door and demanded "Young man, what do you think you're doing?" He froze like a deer in headlights. I continued asking him why he pulled flowers out of my bed, but he couldn't give any kind of answer. He just remained frozen, I told him to get his dogs (who were peeing in my shrubs) and perhaps he could explain to his parents since he couldn't answer me. I threw on a jacket and followed him home. His parents of course were not there, but his older sister was. Perhaps I'll go talk to them tomorrow and let them know I was fussing at their son. I seriously don't expect them to do anything, however if they do decide he should make restitution of anykind I think I'll ask that they bring him to AWANA. This child needs Jesus.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

In like a Lion

March, what an interesting month, in our mind it's spring, but according to the weather it's winter. March is holding true to the saying perfectly, the wind has been blustery since the month began and the temperature tempremental. Just last week we were outside in short sleeves and today there is a foot of snow on the ground. I'd show you a picture, but my camera recently broke. Every bird in the neighborhood has discovered our feeder and I'm thanking God for friends who gave me outgrown winter boots this fall. I'm a packrat, so I accepted them with the thought that we probably wouldn't need them :). The kids are glad I was wrong, they've been praying for a good snow. It's a perfect day for staying in (well for me, Mike is desperate to find a sledding hill and I am not a cold weather outside kinda girl, but I'll be the good mom and go if that's what happens). However, we had other obligations today and M is at Blazer's, an indoor play place, with J for his Sparkies outing, and K has a birthday bowling party to go to, so I think it will get me out of having to play outside. :). Hope all of you are staying warm and enjoying life, whatever it has brought you.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


We got our letter, We got our letter, We got our letter! That squeal of joy heard throughout the surrounding counties, was me at my mailbox. We finally got our letter that verifies that the state of Kentucky has approved us as a resource home with the intention to adopt! Now the next step is to be matched with a sibling group based on our acceptance scale and homestudy. I know out there somewhere is a little boy and girl that is waiting for us. I'm just wondering if we can handle the wait. In some ways this is worse than pregnancy! At least when I was pregnant I knew that it was time limited in 40 weeks, give or take, we would have a baby. According to the letter if we aren't matched in FIVE years, our home is closed. I've called my worker and am waiting for advice on how to be proactive as possible. The preference is to adopt children from the state of Kentucky to avoid paperwork snafus. That and visitation would be much easier.
For all of you that have been praying with us through this process, Thank you! And don't stop! Our kids and we need them still. I'll keep you updated on this as we continue on this process.