Saturday, March 15, 2008

No news is no news

This is the long hard part, waiting for a phone call saying we've got kids. Funny, when we were going through our classes, I could find all sorts of kids available. Now that we're approved the only sibling pair I've found that matches us aren't really available for adoption. So, I guess I'm getting one of those infamous lessons on patience. The army also has left us hanging and is not approving M to go to Fort Hood nor are they giving us any further hints about a time for a possible move to Germany (M believes it'll be a winter move).

On to other things, I got to scare a punk kid this week. I saw a neighbor boy who has been an "eddie haskel" type in my yard and he picked something up and threw it towards the house. Curious, I went to the window to watch him because he walked up to the sidewalk. He then proceeded to bend over and look at my Pansies and rip one out of the flowerbed, look at it and throw the whole plant on the ground. I immediately went to the door and demanded "Young man, what do you think you're doing?" He froze like a deer in headlights. I continued asking him why he pulled flowers out of my bed, but he couldn't give any kind of answer. He just remained frozen, I told him to get his dogs (who were peeing in my shrubs) and perhaps he could explain to his parents since he couldn't answer me. I threw on a jacket and followed him home. His parents of course were not there, but his older sister was. Perhaps I'll go talk to them tomorrow and let them know I was fussing at their son. I seriously don't expect them to do anything, however if they do decide he should make restitution of anykind I think I'll ask that they bring him to AWANA. This child needs Jesus.

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