Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We're Here! and God has ordered our steps.

OK, after a very long hiatus, I believe I should start again, as we are now far from all family :(. We arrived at Ft. Eustis yesterday after two long days of driving. Why does it always seem longer on the way going, then on the way back? Well, we missed our appointment with housing and went in this morning. I had posted on facebook a link to the housing area, we were indeed offered new housing. I don't know if it was shock after our previous home, or the house itself, but we all had a negative feeling in that house. The "fenced back yard" is about 10x15 but the backdoor opened into a wonderfully eat-in kitchen. Through there to a smaller but livable living room. this house had light colored, non-child friendly carpet through out. when we got upstairs I opened the closet to see the washer/dryer area... loving son A immediately saw something to touch and turned on the cold water faucet, hosing me down. I guess I should be glad it was me and not the house, but I wasn't thinking that way at the moment. Oh, the house also sat facing the busiest street in the housing area and a major construction site. We returned to housing and asked if they had anything else available. Of course they said no. As they were preparing the acceptance letter I mentioned moving in and asked where our truck could be parked, and explained that it was a 28 foot trailer that would need overnight parking. A housing manager drove over and came back saying there was no where for us to unload safely and to come back later, they would try to find us another unit, saying "I hope your lucky" my response was "We have been very blessed through this entire move" She called several hours later with another unit for us to see, on the not as busy side street.

We got there with a tremendously better attitude and were greeted with the same small backyard, but a linoleum kitchen and dark, child/pet friendly carpet :). The walls are weirdly textured, so I probably won't be painting for all of those I told I would be, but I'm already plotting alternative wall coverings, to try and add some color.

Oh, another provision, when we realized we wouldn't be getting housing on Tuesday, we called ahead to a local Kennel I had checked on before we came, they were able to accomodate both the cat and dog with only 1 hour notice, and when we still didn't have a home tonight, they were able to keep them another day. The ladies there were extremely helpful and friendly, making us feel very welcome.

We visited the mall tonight, have located a wal-mart and I found a Trader Joe's that I'm looking forward to visiting after hearing Janelle and Kelly rave about it for the last several years. I'm also thinking that this small back yard may be God's way of tricking me into finally starting that walking/running program I've been considering. (He has tricked me into doing things I didn't feel capable of before, so I've a sneaking suspicion the small back yard may be another one).

I also learned that a Chaplain from Ft. Knox, emailed the main chaplain's office here and told them about our experience with Strong Bonds. I'm excited to think that we may be able to continue in that ministry here as well.

So at 9 AM tomorrow we sign our lease, pay the rent and get the keys to our new home. I learned that PWOC kick off will be mid-September and they have a homeschool room :). The kids and I are looking forward to that. We also visited the PX yesterday to stretch our legs and met a fellow displaced Kentuckian. She's from Lexington, her husband joined the Navy and was immediately stationed in Louisville, haha. It was nice having a Kentucky welcome to our new home.

The boys have decided they all want to share a room, so we'll have a spare room to set up an air mattress whenever you decide to visit us.

Much love, M