Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A bite on the line?

Well, in an effort to be proactive in our search for children, I began requesting information from photolistings. Now that we have an approved homestudy we are allowed to do this. We received our first "send us your homestudy" response today. My expectations are actually kind of low, as we are just begining and the children’s discription ends with "not legally free" which means birth parents still have rights, but hey, it’s progress.
At home we are plugging along, and have been blessed with an answered prayer. A friend from PWOC (my women’s group) is moving (PCS’ing) to Colorado and had a particular musical instrument that she neither played nor valued and asked if I would. Since the price was music to Mike’s ears (Free) I finally heard the words that are music to mine, "When do you want to pick up the Piano?" So on Saturday we picked up our slightly dinged and out of tune upright. I am delighted to say that "Happy, Happy, Happy" now has a piano score in addition to the guitar chords :). Now, to find order the "Piano lessons on DVD" I’ve heard so much about.
Mike is trying to plan a family vacation to which I keep responding, sounds good, but...we may have 2 more kids, we may need vacation time/funds to visit kids, we may get orders to move. While most Christians will agree that we are always to wait on God, we often move through our lives with an ideal that somehow we are in control, and God is merely an observer. Free Will theology dictates that we alone determine our paths in life. We make choices and plans for the paths of our lives, America is founded on the idealic notion of independence and achieving one’s dreams. But, try as we might, we can’t accomplish everything by ourselves. All the great dreamers give credit to those that "help" them along the way, or the "fortuitous" circumstances, the "challanges" they had to overcome. Is it possible that all of these happenings in our lives were indeed arranged by a loving God? Who in writing our story blesses or challanges us through the people, events, and circumstances that we live through daily. Situations that, perhaps as dramatic as Abraham and Isaac, are just as telling about our Character and Faith? Well, now, as I’m being as active as I can, I also know that my "help" will not come from men. We have made ourselves available and obtained the proper paperwork, but I can’t make my children appear. We have made our requests for our next duty station, but we can’t make the branch manager send us there. So now, we wait, knowing with full faith and knowledge that the Lord who loves us will answer our questions, will consider our hearts desires and will order our steps so as to complete His perfect will. Even if that means forfeiting our vacation through the Northeast or moving to Germany, Hawaii, Korea, or (GASP) Alaska. And while we wait we will pray and prepare, that we may be worthy of the tasks laid before us.

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