Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a little direction

I'm happy to say that we finally got to appear in court today. Our foster daughter has been with us for 4 months today and her case had yet to be adjudicated (sp) The judge ordered her to remain in ACS custody for the time being. She will definitely be with us through the New Year, so it was comforting for all of us to have a little bit of certainty. There are still challanges of parenting a teen, but with the terrific support system we have it's not too horrible :).

We just wrapped up the football/soccer/cheer season and will begin the basketball/cheer season tomorrow. Mike and I will be coaching S in basketball :). Yes, non-athletic I will be coaching.

J really enjoyed his first year of football. His team went undefeated for the season. They won their first game of post season, but lost the championship to a team they had defeated 3 times. Our kids just didn't play like they wanted it like the other team did. I was so proud of J, after the game, before the trophy presentation, I asked him if was upset. He said "How can I be upset? We won every game except this one!" He displayed such great sportsmanship. Because the team kept winning we as parents were all concerned about them learning the valuable lessons that also come from losing. And I'm glad that he was able to lose with grace and honestly congratulate the other team (although I did here him tell one friend on the other team, we did beat you 3 times after the friend said something about winning).

S enjoyed soccer when he was there, he just hated keeping up with his equipment. At the end of the season he said he wants to play again in the spring, but I think he'll change his mind for baseball. Ugh, the running never ends.

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