Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bureaucracy: our government slowing down my life

Well, we did not receive our letter this week. I did however speak to our social worker and he has done his part, his supervisor has done his part, and now the next supervisor must do their part before letting the bureacrat known to me only as "Frankfort" do their part and sign off on our family as an approved foster/adopt family for the state of Kentucky. There was no time table given for this portion of the events. So now, our family is at the mercy of "Frankfort". Frankfort, whoever you are....please, please have mercy and act quickly so that my children will stop asking me daily, "when are we getting our brother and sister." and instead I can begin saying daily, "remember, you asked for another sister/brother"

My friend who is also going through this process, but has the benefit of knowing her kids, told me her social worker said about a month. So, I'm going to try and keep myself busy and not be heartbroken every time I check the mailbox. I think this may be worse than pregnancy, at least when your pregnant you know it will be time limited. This process has already taken years for our family and we have no idea how much longer it will all be. But, I will seek comfort in the knowledge that God knows and that that he is preparing us all for one another. In the meantime I'll try to find other things to share about our life here.

Per Aunt Carol's request: some common army lingo.

TDY: Temporary Duty assignment, (i really don't know why it ends with a Y when the final word begins with an A, but that's the army for you) Most people would know this as a business trip.

PCS: Primary Change of Station: A move to a new post.

I also used DH in my last post this is internet for Dear Husband

As my DH and I like to joke, we've become institutionalized, neither of us can imagine life "on the outside" anymore. A friend of mine recently posted an "you know your military when" on her myspace, I think I'm going to snag it and repost it here for your enjoyment.

Mike did return from his TDY on Wednesday and the kids greatly enjoyed the trip to the airport to get him. K even made a "Daddy Hieb" sign so he could find his ride. Tradition has it that you get a few days off when you return from a school so that combined with the 3 day federal holiday we have enjoyed a nice vacation. We are very grateful to Grandma and our friend E who took the kids for us on Saturday night, and Uncle A and Aunt K for taking the four legged kid, so that we could enjoy a quiet night alone. It was very relaxing and restorative. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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