Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We're almost expecting!

Ok, so I've been thinking I should Blog about this, but have been too lazy to find another blog site, so I'll start here. We are so excited. Ever since, well before even, we got married Mike and I have wanted a large family that included adoption. We decided to start with the biological and then add. Well, after several years of false starts we are 1 piece of paper from being officially allowed to find our kids. We just need our official approval paper recognizing us as approved Foster/Adopt parents by the state. Except we aren't allowed to actually Foster due to living on government land.
The kids are as thrilled as we are. Daily they ask when their brother and sister are coming home. K is desperate for a sister and the boys are fighting over who gets to room with the new brother. (Did I mention we want to adopt a sibling pair?) I know these next weeks (hopefully not months) are going to be probably the most difficult we've experienced as we try to locate the children God is preparing us for, but, I'll try to remember to bring you along for the ride :).
Oh, did I mention J got an 8 month old Boxer for christmas (he's taller than A!) and much to our cat Bad's dismay the other cat returned from his month's long wandering (I was sure that he'd been eaten by the coyote's! Glad I didn't have money on that one.)
So, now I'm daydreaming of a stuff list that includes bunk beds, a table that seats 8 with leaves to extend (for company of course), a sectional sofa to fit us all, and a twelve passenger van with all the comfort of a minivan: especially DVD. Oh, the little things that make a mom's life easier. I really never imagined that being a wife and a mother would fit so well. Now, don't think I'm all Pollyanna, we have our daily stress times, but I can't think of another life I would want.

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Elaine said...

We've got the bunk beds our boys outgrew sitting in the basement. If anyone knows someone traveling from our area (PHilly) to yours who has room..... (the beds disassemble easily!)