Monday, May 19, 2008

Almost made it 10 years

Without a broken bone, but S had to be the first and he's enjoyed the attention.
Another busy week past. Last week was the final program for PWOC. The women's group I have been priviledged to have served as president over the past year. So, Wednesday I was planning to set up and finalize the program. The day started with all of us oversleeping due to a power outage. So instead of taking Mike to work at 7:30 as we had planned so that I could be at my "woman doctor" at 8:30, I had to wait for him to come back since Mike had an early meeting. It's always beautiful starting the day trying to hurry 4 kids while I am also getting ready. So, after getting kids up and ready Mike was able to pick us up at 8:23 to take us back to the hospital.
During the morning chaos I also made an appointment for S. He woke up still complaining about his arm hurting after taking a fall the evening before and said his throat hurt. Since I had multiple concerns I was refered off post, which means: Show up and wait. So at 10:30 I was waiting at the immediate care . At 10:45 we were in a room. At 11:45 I still hadn't seen a doctor and was going crazy trying to keep all 4 kids whispering in the small exam room we were occupying. After seeing the NursePractitioner in training, the doc came in and wanted x-rays. Thus confirming that Shep had fractured his left arm above the wrist. A "buckle fracture" he called it and refered us to an orthopedist in E-town to have it cast with the nurse admonishing me to call immediately to get in "this week". So, at 1:00 we were finally leaving, however, I was supposed to be meeting ladies to set up at 1. Fortunately, I'd gotten hold of one of the ladies and she emailed everyone informing them there would be a 1 hour delay. So, while I tried to get the rest of my shopping done so I could get a package in the mail for my little brother who needed warm underwear in Argentina, Mike began calling to confirm Tricare would pay the orthopedist and to make the appt. After being assured they would pay, he made an appt for the earliest time he could get, Friday (mind you, this was all Wednesday) So, disatisfied with the wait, he called a fellow NCO and was able to get S into the hospital that afternoon. So, I dropped S off and headed to set up tables. Fortunately a few ladies had gotten the message and were there to help. But, I hadn't been able to focus that morning and didn't have half of the stuff for the tables :(
We picked up Mike and S from teh hospital and headed to E-town. S's Codeine was kicked in and he was feeling pretty tired, but we had to get stuff done for the final program. We did take him for Spaghetti and got lucky to pick a restaurant that has Kids eat Free! I stayed up til 2 paying for my procrastination.
The program went wonderfully on Thursday and I crashed afterwards, however I was able to help Mike get some housework done. We tried to get some cleaning done for the AWANA gathering at our house Saturday. Then Friday I went with some ladies to help clean a house, while Mike stayed home to continue getting ready for the gathering.
I need to say what a great husband I have. He didn't get angry at all about being left with the majority of the work in preparing to have people over, not even when our cleaning job took 2 hours longer than we had prepared for. I hate to admit that he also did a better job than I would have done left to my own devices. Not only that I came home to a belated mother's day present, a Bosch Mixer I've had my eyes on for years!
Friday evening we'd promised the kids they could go to the chapel to watch "The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe" before seeing Prince Caspian on Saturday morning with the Chapel community. We had 2 hours to finish up the pesky last minute stuff before everyone arrived. Then we had tix to the Louisville Fire at 7. All in all a very busy day! Sunday felt much more relaxed, however I did have a candle party at 4, which went well and I had a chance to talk with the incoming Pres.
Whew, I'm tired all over again :) just writing about the week. But, after this weekend, everything should slow down for a few months. We'll see if it lasts.
Oh, S should get his cast off in 3 weeks. He got a white cast and had the Fire sign it after the game. He wouldn't let any of us touch it until then.

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