Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hunting Hound

No, we haven't gotten another dog. We had to hunt down the one we have, yet again. But, this is where being around military types all the time and having a husband that likes war movies comes in handy. (My standing as RISK champion probably didn't hurt).

So, our Boxer Scout, loves to take runs through our neighborhood. Mind you, these are runs he takes sans leash and they occur just about every other day. So depending on the time of day he takes off, someone either has to go out and catch him, or we just leave all the doors open and wait for him to get bored and come in. (This has resulted in 1 runin with the MP's, fortunately no charges resulted)

Daytime, requires a chase. So, as Mike left for work, I followed the kids out to track down our hound. The kids usually just chase him until they catch him (this has been known to take hours unless some kind stranger snags him) today I decided we'd out smart not out run the dog. As I am incapable of outrunning a slug. So, as the kids played dodge with him in the field I casually strolled on ahead of the dog. When the dog came up between two trees, I was in front of him and J and S were moving in behind. Unfortunately, J didn't wait for everyone to get into position and the devil dog took off through a hole. I had to call the kids down to explain the procedure for "tightening the net". "Don't chase the dog, Go to where he's thinking about going." I explained we needed to spread out and surround, then slowly move closer in to cut off his escape routes. Then we'd have a better chance of catching him. While we discussed our options Scout decided to cross the main road. This was of great benefit to him, because he now was on a narrower strip of land with a fence behind him. So, we all went to the road and spread out before we crossed. At the signal we all quickly crossed the road and stopped as soon as we got across. I think the heat was also working in our favor as the Dog remained in the shade.

While staying a good distance from the dog I went below, K&A went above and S & J stayed between Scout and the road. Then we put our plan into action. Slowly, we all stepped closer to the dog. Remaining casual and not calling his name. (he runs at the sound of his name when off leash) Soon, we were all within arms reach and Scout was obviously concerned. He tried to get by S (smart dog, choose the kid in the cast) But S wouldn't have it and grabbed him quick! We got him harnessed and leashed with one swat for his disobedience (Mike has been working on training him to NOT go out the front door) and led the way home. As soon as we walked in the front door he pulled me through the house trying to get to his kennel. Tucking tail as soon as he was in. LOL, guess at least understands that leading us on chases is naughty. Now if we can just get him to stop doing it.

Any suggestions we'd be glad to receive them. We've actually considered getting a second dog, just to keep him busy in the yard. Because when we dog sat, he didn't run. LOL a pet for the pet. What am I coming to?

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