Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hunter Educated :)

OK, so I learned from my mother, that my grandmother thinks we're nuts:). So, I know at least 1 person is reading this. Hi Grandma. And, I must say it does go against the way we were raised. But, we are all quite excited about developing hunting skills. Mike, K and I all passed our class with style. During the shooting portion, K was the only one to hit the bullseye, but Mike had an excellent grouping. He says that is the important part. Me, I was glad to hit the target.

J wasn't allowed to take the tests. It turned out he was a year too young. So, if we're still around here next year he'll get to take the class again. But, it was well worth him going. Gun safety was covered thoroughly and he now has a little more appreciation for the danger that BB and Pellet guns present. BB guns are common on post, J even got one for christmas. He is only allowed to use it when Mike is around to supervise. Unfortunately, that's not how all parents feel, and he's encountered several situations where friends bring their's out to "play". He now understands that anything with the name "gun" needs to be taken seriously.

K and I are more interested in archery. However, it will be a while before we begin that hobby. It's an expensive hobby. The arrows alone run abou $5.00 each and that's not with the $200+ bow. We will probably look at joining a local 4-H program.

We'll all learn how to shoot as well, there is a shooting range on post , so that will be interesting when the time comes. Don't expect me to start decorating with animal heads anytime soon though :).

Mike and S have been doing a lot of fishing. They caught enough bluegill and catfish for me to fry them up for dinner. S really loves fishing, K enjoys it too. J doesn't have any patience for it, but he enjoys the cooking side. A is to little, he's more interested in trying to hook himself.

OK, well, that's a brief update. I'm off to clean the house some more. We actually got the boys rooms swept and mopped :). S even scrubbed his bathroom. I'd even consider going in there now, if I had to.

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