Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Keeping busy in Hiebtown

The last two weeks have flown by. The middle boys both got to visit with their cousins in Colorado. They had a terrific time albeit got homesick and admitted to missing their mom very much, even shedding a tear or two. We missed them too, but I will say the volume of the house doubled the day they came home. We are all adjusting well to our new addition and the Keilah is happy to have a big sister. It's added some more running around to our life as we take her to visit friends, but they are willing to share the load.

The biggest change I foresee is having a child in the public school. This will be a new thing having to work around the school schedule. The hardest part will be the early start to the day. L isn't too excited about the start of school, but I think she'll do well.

We are excited about the start of PWOC, the women's group I belong too. The kids will get to see their friends and I'll be leading a class this fall. I'm excited and nervous about this new opportunity. We'll be using the book by Dee Brestin "Friendships of Women".

We still have no word on any moves, Mike's branch manager (the person who determines the assignments for all chaplain assistants) is retiring so we don't know how this will affect the "winter move to Germany" but Mike's supervisor is willing to work on Mike's behalf for his next assignment. They are meeting tomorrow and will discuss this more. But, as I have learned from many false alarms God will move us when He wants and where He wants as I heard another army wife say "God cuts the orders the army pays for it".

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