Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Dresser :)

I had posted on facebook soon after we arrived asking for help choosing a color for a dresser we shipped over to use as our entertainment center. Normally my husband would pitch a fit anytime I talk about painting wood furniture, but this got so scratched up, that even he agreed it needed a paint job. Unfortunately, I thought I had good before shots when I started painting and it turns out this is the only one I have:

The dresser can be seen to the right. I had three colors in mind, all from Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint. Either a deep green (boxwood), navy (artissimo), or white (farmhouse white). The vote was pretty evenly split though between navy and green. I loved the green and had used it to paint my grandmother's dining table.

However, in the end I felt maybe something new was it was.

When I painted my grandmother's table I used an additive to keep the milkpaint from flaking. I decided to take my chances this time and see what happened. I also chose to keep the top wood color and sanded it to take the edge off some of the boy's carvings, and to remove a few water rings before using hemp oil to revive the wood. Over all I love the final product. What do you think?

The first coat looked more slate than navy.
The painting is finished, and it's still not the Navy I was looking for.
Oooh, and it's getting chippy :).

hemp oil to the rescue!
I covered the entire piece with hemp oil,
which seals, and deepens the paint color. Perfect!
What a difference the hemp oil makes!
One drawer chipped very heavily,
after living with it a bit, I love it!

The finished product!
Even my husband approved (although he isn't as fond of the chippy)

This is a very forgiving product it has a nice matte finish and is SO forgiving.  Check out
Miss Mustard Seed for even more great ideas and makeovers.

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