Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Jinhae Gunhangje festival

This week I shipped 3 boys off for spring break trips that I could never have imagined. One son is in Cambodia on a mission trip and the other two are at Scout camp in Japan. I must admit to feeling a bit sorry for myself until the cherry blossoms bloomed and then it became quite impossible to feel down when everytime I turn around I'm in a cotton candy colored world. So my daughter and I decided to road trip to Jinhae for their annual cherry blossom festival. We invited some friend and Laila (another military brat) and Sally (a native Korean) went with us. Prepared with Won, Waze, and a spirit of adventure we headed off. Waze got us to where we needed to go, but having Sally made many things like navigating the bus to get to the Naval Academy (which is open to the public only during the festival) and finding our way back to our parking lot after our exploring was complete. The street leading to our parking lot actually became one of our favorite places to take pictures.
The city of Jinhae (oft spelled Chinhae as well) is a city of cherry blossoms it seemed every main street is lined and a wonderful little canal with tons of walking bridges and lined with walking paths and cherry blossoms. The city was in full festival mode with plenty of street vendors and street food for the choosing. We decided to rest our weary feet and get out of the crowd by choosing a local restaurant. You really can't go wrong with Korean food especially when we order it "not spicy".

We also decided to visit the Naval Academy. First because we knew it was also filled with beautiful cherry blossoms and second because I'd heard they had a life size Turtle Boat open for touring. Being with two teenage girls it also became a "lets get pictures with cute sailors" trip. As fans of the military in all it's forms, I didn't object. The naval academy also had many interactive stations set up with clothes for playing dress up, either in military uniform or traditional dress, mascots, and photo opportunities. They had it well organized with a bus to move you around for a very reasonable 2000 won. After touring the naval academy everyone we asked said the best way to return to our car was by foot. And when we finally found it, our feet felt it, according to my phone we walked a total of five miles and it was worth it! I definitely suggest anyone with the opportunity visit the Jinhae Gunhangje Festival!

A taste of home...The name of the Restaurant is Go Go Kentucky.
The small sign above the window says "Real Korean Kentucky Fried Chicken and Beer"

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