Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the count is over

Forgive me for my tardiness is writing this, our count ended a few days ago at day 39 and since then we've all been basking in the joy of having Mike home. Our reunion day was typical army. We were given a report time of 2-3. Their plane arrive during that time an hour away. However after sitting for an hour we learned they were being held up in customs. So, my friend and I decided to head out to McDonald's to allow our children to run out their energy, for which we had little patience. We spent several hours there before heading to my house to watch Mama Mia. Turns out the Dept. of Agriculture didn't like their dirty boots. And 200 soldiers had to get their boots cleaned. They finally made it to post around 8:20. By 10:00 we were all home. They were given the next 2 days off and this week has been short days as they do redeployment paperwork (that's what they call the coming home stuff) classes like "don't hit your family" and "talk to someone if you feel disturbed by what you saw". K told Mike today that she didn't think he'd need to talk to anyone. Mike lost about 15 pounds while he was gone, and we're doing our best to put them back on him.

He did get to see us all test for our first stripe at TKD, although the instructor's car had broken down, so K still hasn't broken a board. Hopefully that will happen tomorrow night. So, that's a quick recap on us.


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