Saturday, March 6, 2010

Days 24 & 25- it's a 2 for 1!

I got home late yesterday and couldn't muster up the energy to type up how awesome it was to get to hang out with my dear friend yesterday. And it made me very excited about meeting with the NER board and learning what our folks brought away from the week. I'd been losing my voice, so it was a strain to talk, but I pushed through. The ride home though, I couldn't talk to the kids at all. I was so thankful to find a Starbucks open after 10 to get a hot drink for the ride home. I seriously was praying, "Dear God, please let one of these signs soon show a Starbucks and let it be open!" Another answered prayer. My throat felt SOOOOOOO much better. I woke up with a voice back :). Of course I lost it again cheering my boys on at their games this morning :).

Both boys lost, but S played so much better this week it felt like a win. And J had a solid game as well, they went down 18-4 in the first quarter so when they fought back to end the game 24-18 losing by 6 still felt like a victory! We flew to the AWANA games from there. K's team came in 3rd of 3 and J's team came in 1st so they received an invitation to the "tournament of champions" On March 27. I'm sensing a road trip. At least Basketball will be over!

I wanted to go on another curtain hunt and decided to torture the children by taking them to Target and then Kohl's except the tables got turned on me and we only went to Target. Because when we came out of Target the car wouldn't start. The radio came on, lights etc. But it wouldn't start. I so wanted to cry. My child did ask me what "Frack" meant. "It's a statement of frustration," I explained. When the roadside assistance said it'd be 45 minutes I decided to prevail upon the poor stranger who parked her Lexus next to me for a jump. She was clueless but agreed. I found the hood latch and the hooked everything up. My car started right up. I went straight to Autozone (by way of Pepboys) and purchased a new battery. i'll go back in a few day's to get the alternator and starter tested. Maybe being proactive will get Murphy to MOVE OUT! Seriously, he needs to find a new home.

Really, the transmission is 2 years old, timing belt, drive belts, SRS computer, something else that was $400 that I don't remember what it was called and several miscellaneous parts, plus new title and registration. Brakes and tires were good per last inspection. So much for paying the car off. The second law of thermodynamics is really getting on my nerves! It's ruling my life these days!



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Momma Shell said...

I had a friend at work who used "Ricker-Racker" as her own personal way of venting frustration. She actually used it in a "Report of Contact" in a case, when she got frustrated with the folks not telling the exact truth. Since she wasn't there the day I was working on the case that made for an interesting discussion among we Claims Reps when she got back and we could ask her what "Ricker-Racker" was!