Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 35-i'm loving tkd

we had TKD tonight and I so wanted to stay home (female issues), but K would have killed me. Tonight was her first night. She loved it. She was disappointed that she didn't get to break a board. But, that will happen Thursday. I should get my belt and I ordered A's uniform, since he's been going for 3 weeks now. I really can't encourage you enough, if there is something you've wanted to do and have put off thinking, I'm too old to start that or some other excuse. Put it aside, we only live once and now is the time to live your life! Learn that instrument, start that craft, whatever it is do it! you won't regret it and your kids will look up to you for moving forward.

The only down side to the day, we stayed to watch our friends test for their stripe. While there A was his usual monky self, climbing on everything. Some lady came in, and kept pointing out where he was climbing (while it makes others nervous, I know he's sure footed, and sometimes, falling is the way we learn.) I wasn't bothered too much until the lady says "I'm with Family advocacy." (which is kind of like saying: I work for CPS) Tell me, would you be bothered by that? I don't know her reason for sharing that, but given some of my past experiences with "family advocates" I don't always have a positive response. Especially when "i'm a family advocate" is followed with pointing out some potentially harmful activity your child is involved in while you are engaged in a conversation with other adults. Maybe it's just that overly guilty "oldest child" people pleasing tendency I have that immediately bristles when corrected.


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