Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 23-almost forgot!

We had a busy day, and I'm so excited to get to bed so I can wake up tomorrow, that I almost forgot to write! Today was a comfortably full day. We had our usual homeschool group, which we just LOVE. The kids created tremendous art pieces based on Mary Cassatt (that I would show you if my computer would recognize my scanner) and we ran a few errands, including shipping 3 boxes off to daddy. Then it was the usual full evening of practices. I did learn that I can take TKD for free + uniform as a parent helper. It's an interesting proposition, one I'm considering on taking them up on. After class today A kicked S in the head (with cowboy boots on) when they were fighting over a toy. When I told A he was done for the day (meaning playing and sitting with his friends) he responded tearfully, "with Tae Kwon Do?" These 2 weeks have had a powerful affect on him. It's such a joy to see him take such pride in an activity and to see the remorse on his face when he had to talk to Mr. Don about the appropriate times to kick. All the kids are going to start Sticks on Monday. I wonder if my terrific trio counterparts are willing to join me in becoming a martial artist?

"But why am I so excited about tomorrow?" you ask. Because on Friday I get to see Kelly! One of 3 women who I met with weekly for prayer for over a year. I haven't seen Kelly in about 18 months and it's been over 2 years since she left Ft. Knox. She had to be on the east coast this week and tomorrow we get to meet and hang out! I'm still trying to convince Mike to let me go out and visit her (we'd love a prayer group reunion) as her family is stationed in Hawaii :). Our kids all still talk about each other and call, even though they haven't seen each other for the full time.

Now, if only Janelle and Elaine had business on this coast. And anyone of you reading this for that matter! I'll happily drive a few hours to meet up with you if life brings you my way :). (given that the person reading this is someone I know and not a complete stranger that happened upon my Blog through some random search! In which case, God bless you-but I'm not meeting you.)


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Tom Hieb said...

As always -- I love your posts. Miss y'al. Give everybody there a hug for me.