Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 34-oops

Golly, I guess I should just talk about how amazing the last 4 days have been to keep me from posting. Well, they've been a bit busy, but not sure how amazing. Friday we watched the most beautiful babies again and then took our friend to rent a wheelchair. Then it was home to relax and Saturday was the final round of basketball games. J won his, 18-8. He was so cute. He woke up saying "we've won 4 games this season (it's been a hard season) and I'm including today in that". And they did win. The thing i didn't realize about his team, until the party, was only 3 of the kids had ever played before. So, to win 4 was a tremendous feat! We had fun at the team party and I sent J home with his teammate before picking up K from her party. She's glad the season is over so that she can begin TKD. We went home, I took a lovely nap and we went to get J and ended up hanging out for several hours.

Sunday was non-eventful...but it did have potential. I took 6 kids to the commissary after church. I'm amazed I don't have some type of disaster story for you. Must be because of all my amazing parenting skills...that, or the liberal amounts of threats I gave them before we went into the store.

Now today was cool. Our favorite baby came back to play, we had our second Sticks lesson. Sticks is a definite arm workout. Piano, and a trip to Ulta, where the facial lady, saw me staring stupidly carefully considering the bare mineral products and said if you "Have any questions.." to which K promptly replied "what can she do about her red face?" Um, thanks for noticing K. Not, that the kids have any choice. I'm not a huge fan of make-up but I am a bit tired of being asked how I got a sunburn in the middle of winter. She suggested a cream, and also said they have a $20 facial. Hmmm, $20. OK, sign me up. So I scheduled an appointment for 5:30.

Oh my goodness, facials where have you been my whole life. I may be giving up hair coloring, but I am now officially addicted to the facial. That was one of the most relaxing experiences of my life. AND my face was actually less red when we left. J actually said he thought she'd bleached my skin. Yes, I'll be going back in 4 weeks :). And she did suggest a different brand of mineral make-up to try. So, I'm well on my way to a free treatment at Ulta now, my haircut on Wednesday should put over the edge for that.

Now, to find someplace for a mani-pedi and I'll be set for the end of this "mini-deployment". Yes, I said END. As always I can't mention exact times and places. But Never did I think that the military could do anything LESS than the maximum amount of time listed on a set of orders. I am happily shocked!


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