Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 21, no grumbling, well a little bit.

OK, so today was one of those frustrating days where you just wanted to cuss or drink or both. But, if you look the blessings were there too. And right now I'm too tired and cold to tell everything. But, after all my running around (every errand took 2 trips) I was ultimately able to get the car titled and registered in the not-so-great commonwealth of Virginia. Many thanks to J for hanging with me all afternoon and being my chauffer and babysitter! After practice my friend M took me to get the car. We got to the lot and my automatic opener wouldn't work. Not, because the batteries in it were dead...no the Car battery was dead.

Fortunately I know very well how to use my jumper cables. And when I turned the car over, I learned why the battery was dead. The alarm wouldn't shut off. Which is what apparently drained the battery to begin with. Did I mention that it had started to snow/rain while we were driving out there? So we're standing out dealing with this in this freezing, driving nastiness. Yeah, my friend M learned that I know some words that I wouldn't use at PWOC. But, we all got a big laugh. I mean, if you don't laugh you just might go insane! After about 5 minutes in the cold and pushing buttons, I finally got the alarm to shut off. But, since the battery had died we didn't have a radio for the ride home. Which was OK, the kids had a great discussion on the way home about how the entire last week with the car was a terrific example of the second law of thermodynamics. -Jonathan Park Rules!


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