Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 20-good times!

We went to Williamsburg today with our local homeschool group. $11 for a five day pass and children under 6 are free! Can't beat that with a stick. We had so much fun exploring with our friends the first half of the day. Then after lunch we struck out with our friend J for a bit, before she had to leave and then it was just me and the kids. We all enjoy that place. We learned about basketweaving, from selecting an oak tree to the weaving process. Weaving fabric, a bit about how an original printing press worked and book binding. The children were floored by the cost of paper. I think S appreciates it much more, since he draws non-stop. K finally got her hoop and stick. She was so fun to watch as she ran down the main street playing. J & S, of course, choose new guns. A would have had one, but he once again forgot to control himself. Hopefully the painful lesson of walking out of the store without the cherished rifle, will have some type of effect. As we were walking back to the car, K talked about what a great day it had been and A said "it's was a bad day". After we stopped and got ice cream (his suggestion) he pronounced it was once again a good day. Once again ice cream cures everything!

We got the car paid for and I learned that I didn't need to prove that the car was inspected in order to title/register it even though the state website says the car needs to be inspected. Stupid. So tomorrow I will go do the paperwork after PWOC and I'll be all nice and legal again. I'll be so thankful to be done with this mess. At least next year I'll be able to do it online!

After all that I picked up 3 new books, well new to me at least, at lifeway. A Randy Alcorn book that I didn't have, the 1st book in the AD chronicles by the Thoene's, and Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis, Oops, make that four books I also got a Ted Dekker book, which is really 2 books. The first 2 in the Books of History series that goes along with the Circle series that I'm just finishing up. Those 4 authors have such different styles, but I like them all so much. Now, to set aside time to read them! I'll let you know how they are when I'm done.

(Oh, and I still really miss Mike!)


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