Sunday, February 28, 2010

19 days-and what do you get?

Another day older, but I'm not deeper in debt, praise god. This is one of those days, that as a military wife, you just feel tired. Poor kids, they were good today, but they just couldn't do or say anything without irritating me. I'd say get in the car...they'd ask "why" or "where are we going" Or "can I take...". We did get out of the house and to church on time, which was a big positive. But, I just wanted them to stop questioning everything that came out of my mouth. And really, there's no good reason for the way I feel, other than I miss my husband and well, that's it. Geez, I haven't even made it to 3 weeks yet! Aren't I a sorry excuse for an army wife, my hubby isn't even in a particularly dangerous place. At least with this one, I don't drive by the house looking for strange cars before I park. No need to flood me with comments of encouragement (or do). I just want to keep this real, and expose you to a bit of my pity party/deal with it interior dialogue. I am taking care of myself, I call friends for help, I know I don't have to do it on my own, etc. I'm just whining.

Speaking of calling friends for help. My dear friend M is sick :( and we couldn't get together today. So I needed to find someone else to help me with my car exchanging stuff and in true "Military" wife style (she's Navy) I ran into a friend at the commisary and she agreed to help me out when we were done shopping. Funny how things work out. And in the end, I'm so thankful for all the ladies who have been willing to cart me around town. Hopefully I'll only need it 1 more time! (to go pick my car up!) Oh, and can I give a big "yeah" to USAA and their insured car rental deals! If you're military/military associated I highly suggest you use them!

Oh, funny bit today. S asked me how much it cost to get a brother and sister. I explained it could be next to nothing up to 20,000 per child. He looked at me with shock and exclaimed, "well then I need to make a million. So I can get a DS and twins!" Thought it was funny that the DS took first place, but that he would also budget for siblings. I don't know how he plans to do it though.

So, now I need to do a little work for PWOC.


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