Saturday, February 27, 2010

day 18--t.i.r.e.d.

It doesn't help that I go to bed at the wee hours. So, I'm writing early and off to bed. This wasn't a particularly exhausting day, it's just that I don't like going to sleep in an empty bed.

The boy's both had their basketball games this morning. S legitimately won this time, I think. Well it seemed like we scored more points. They don't keep score at that age. It's just very fun to watch as they are becoming a team and playing more as a team than they did at the beginning of the year.

J's team lost, but it was a really well played game. J had several rebounds again and 2 points. Given his slate of success last year on teams, it really doesn't bother me too much that his basketball team isn't doing so well, win wise. Some important lessons are learned by losing. And J is definitely a gracious sportsman. Don't get me wrong, he doesn't like losing. It's just that he doesn't get mad, blame, or throw tantrums like I've seen other kids (and some parents) do. Nor does he gloat or talk smack when his team is winning either. When he does something well he just glances over to wherever we are sitting in the stands to see if we noticed and gets back to the business at hand.

One thing I like about kids and kids sports, is that it's a great equalizer. You meet people not as "general" or "sergeant" or "private" but as "so-and-so's Mom/Dad". I say that, because I quite often forget that J's asst. coach is also the commanding General for our post. So, after the game he asked about Mike, and I mentioned there probable early return date and how they are working with the Orphanage so we'd kind of like him to stay as long as possible. Then I'm like D'oh, he knows this stuff. His wife is awesome too, totally doesn't wear his rank. (Did I mention they're homeschoolers? That probably explains their coolness-oh wait that can't be right, everyone knows how unsocialized homeschoolers are!) So, that's my bit of "fame" by association. Yup, I know the general. :).

I have to admit I was thankful none of the ladies showed for our "craft day" i had all my stuff and was ready to get stamping. But, I didn't mind the break either. So, before I took the kids to games practice we went to Target. I find I do best when I have a time limit there :). Then while K & J were at games practice I tortured S & A with a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I'm trying to find new curtains for the living room. And I'm just too particular for my own good. No luck, but I did find a Monogram welcome mat. So, not a completely wasted trip.

Then home for the evening. Dinner and Bed. I just know there are things I have forgotten/need to do, but I'm too tired to remember. So, maybe a good night's sleep will help me focus tomorrow when M comes over to work on program stuff with me.


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