Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 9...and nothing witty :)

Whew, when I said we'd be more social...I didn't realize how social I'd be! I'm loving it, I was reminded today of what it was like back when J, K, and E were daily fixtures in my life. Before the army decided to move us all around. When it seemed a day didn't go by without seeing or talking or both. J, K, & E you know I miss you dearly and love you forever. It's nice though to have some "jesus with skin on" in my life too. You know, those folks you can sit at practice and chat with, that you can exchange kids for appointments, etc. That share the current experience of being in the army. I started the day with 2 of my kids favoritist kids while their mom did such an appointment (I get my turn on Monday). Then it was off to the post office for boxes then homeschool group. I got to teach our class today on Earthquakes. After discussing tectonic plates, epicenters, and magnitude and a comparison of the 1989 San Francisco earthquake and the recent Haiti earthquake. The kids built houses out of different materials...duplo blocks, 2 sets of jenga blocks, and little foam blocks. (I should have grabbed the lincoln logs too...doh.) Each house was built on a different cookie sheet. We put the four cookie sheets next to each other and then the kids all pushed on their sheet against the other, until something gave. Then we discussed the subsequent damage and whether earthquakes could be predicted. It was generally decided that building codes were a good thing and our kids enjoyed living in western built structures. Everyone was surprised to learn that Alaska had the 8 strongest earthquakes recorded in the United States. Did you know that?

After homeschool group it was drivethrough BK because our friends came back over so we could prep for a Programs planning meeting. That meeting went well, even though between the 3 of us 9 kids were here, that sometimes seemed liked 19! K and J were awesome as usual in trying to maintain and entertain the additions (helped that I offered payment). I told them the max payment would be $10 based on how co-operative the little one's were ...sometimes they are just easier than others. Well, J came in at one point and said, "Mom, you owe me way more than $10!" We had just enough time after the meeting to get changed and head to sports practice. Asher was disappointed that I wasn't able to get out and sign him up for TKD today, so that will have to start next week. But, that passed well as I got to talk to Mike during the first hour and visit with a friend during the second. Then it was home for a late dinner and bed.

I was so excited to learn from Mike that they were able to get needed surgery for one of the orphans and deliver some supplies. It's so heartbreaking to hear that all they are asking for is WATER. Water...and I don't think I can ship that via the USPS. I think I'm going to check about water purification possibilities. Hey Morton friends, what's the name of the water purification system that you send to Africa? Yes, that's what I'm going to do. Surely there is a better way, than just sending bottled water over and over.

Tomorrow I am not setting the alarm at all! Then we are going shopping for Daddy's boxes and a Scentsy party tomorrow night. Thank goodness, my friends include children so that I can still get grown up time. I know one day I will do things without kids, but for now it's great to have friends who don't expect me too! And better yet, expect that kids will be included because they have their own. Even BETTER is when all the said kids get along as well as the mommy's! See, I'm telling you God is GOOD. Way better than I deserve, but thankfully...he doesn't work on the merit system!

Goodnight and Blessings!

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