Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 2 or Day 179?

It just depends on which way you want to count it down :). Today was another good day. We had homeschool group which always makes for a pretty good day. We are so blessed to have found this group when we arrived here. An awesome mix of homeschoolers, the kids and I both are making friends :). Then we came home to clean and the kids got a surprising amount done. Again, motivated by a potential visit with a friend. They didn't finish, but amazing progress was completed. Especially considering the chaos I created by emptying "the closet" in order to find some tax forms. "The closet" is looking good now and awaiting some shelving so that it can become "the craft closet". Maybe I'll actually take up my stamping and scrapbooking again? I usually find a lot more time for that kind of stuff during deployment. Go figure.

Then ANOTHER blessing. Shep's new coach is great. I told him I'd stay and assist. But, he really had things running. I was more window dressing than anything. And during Justus practice I got to sit and visit with some of my homeschooler mom friends. They reminded me that during deployments the kids can participate in activities FREE. So, Justus will be playing baseball on post and Asher is going to start TaeKwon Do (did i spell that right?). He really needs an activity of his own and it coincides with basketball practice! Awesome.

OH, and we've got a group of us that are going to take advantage of "homeschooler days" at williamsburg. Several of us are going to get the 5 day passes and hang out in williamsburg for a week. A whole WEEK of fieldtrips for $44! Maybe I'll even rent them the costumes one day.

And on top of all that. I talked to Mike twice on the phone today! His command is wanting to find orphanges to work with and we know just the ones! So I hooked him up with that information. He's excited about that project. He did say his "Maxi Deet" is more like "Maxi-desert". And he's already sunburned. What a goof.

So, wow I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings. It's gotta be good..right?

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