Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 16-grrrrrrrr

All this moving for the military is really inconvenient sometimes, ya know. Cause every state seems to think you need to have THEIR plates on YOUR car and the state you did live in doesn't want your money if you don't live there anymore. GRRRRR, so even though KY mailed the renewal to my address in VA. they wouldn't let me renew. So, i'm trying to get the darn car registered in VA by Sunday. One big praise, the car is only in Mike's name. Why is that a praise? Because Va. won't charge us the property taxes. BUT, if a non-enlisted spouse happens to be on the title, well they'll hit you for the full amount. So, Va requires all these stupid hoops, like annual safety inspections. Which wouldn't be a problem, except my car failed! What the heck?! So what if the SRS light is on. So off to the dealership Tueday (which ya'll heard about) where they fixed everything BUT the light. Cause they had to wait on the part. Well, we go in today and they didn't work, So, 4 hours more of waiting I learn that the problem is that the computer is bad and of course THAT part of the SRS isn't under warranty and we should have it by MONDAY. Never mind that the month ENDS on Sunday and I have plans to be in Williamsburg all day Monday. So, yeah, I was a little frustrated. We left and the Rear DVD player wouldn't come on I kept pushing and turning the Rear Ctrl button. But nothing happed.

Well, I'm not going a whole weekend without my DVD player that worked when I came in. So around I turned. Pulled in, and told them I couldn't get it to come on. While I'm waiting I notice this White button, that I know wasn't there when I pulled in. It's a white button that says Rear PWR. hmmmm, I push it. The Darn thing come on. Ummm, never mind. The kids start saying things in the car and I had to tell them to be quiet, Mom is trying really hard to keep her cool and NOT get upset over stuff that I can't control and probably should have been taken care of way before this week and I KNOW this would've been easier if my husband wasn't on another hemisphere. GRRRR. But, I did promise another blessing from the day, OTHER than at least I have the money to pay for this (and still by groceries, gas, etc.) During ALL this waiting. My kids were AWESOME. I told them we'd be schooling at the dealership and they actually did their work. There was no bickering, fighting, running, roughhousing, or any of the other things customer service people dread when they see a horde of children coming into their business. Hey, the kids even got their own bags of animal crackers out of it and a compliment from the office ladies. Although, I do believe one of my boys may have been responsible for overflowing the urinal in the men's bathroom. Oops.

So, here's praying that the part comes in tomorrow and I can spend our 1 stay-home day for the next 2 weeks finalizing the car registration and if not, I'll just use the back gate until it happens :) and pray I don't get pulled over.


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