Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 6 and exhausted

I think it's the emotional kind of exhaustion though. You know the kind... where we get ourselves worked up over stuff we don't have control over anyway while telling ourselves we're not getting worked up. The visit today went swell and EVERY room in our house was presentable. Even mine (I wouldn't let my in-laws in there when they came to visit cause I didn't get it clean, even though I know Julie peeked ). Mainly she wanted to talk to the kids. How do you feel about adopting? What grade are you in? What do you get in trouble for? What happens when you get in trouble? Can I see your rooms? They were funny, Keilah so rarely gets in trouble she couldn't think of what they get in trouble for, so Justus answered. Disobedience, beating each other up (rough housing -I clarified), and arguing. K & J both said they wanted a little sister. Shep said he was "overwhelmed" at the idea of adopting. I again asked for clarity saying that can be taken as a good or bad and he then said "overwhelmed with joy".

Of course I had to interpret for Asher, he was talking like crazy and I looked at her and she just had this very confused look on her face. I then explained he said yes, he wants to be a big brother and he got grounded from playstation for a week when he got on after dad had said not too. They were so energetic and thrilled to show off their spaces. I explained that the boys choose to have all 3 in a room and they reluctantly agreed that they'd give let their siblings have the playroom, if they still got to keep their toys. I also explained that with 2 more children we'd qualify for a 5 bedroom (where they are available). She seemed "overwhelmed" at their enthusiasm. When we went back downstairs sans children she said "you want more?" I laughed and said yes, I did wonder sometimes, but definitely we want more.

It was different than our last homevisit. That one was more focused on the actual safety of the home. Meds locked up, cleaning supplies and alcohol out of reach, etc. The only home safety questions she asked me were: number of smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and fire arms. I'm not sure she even looked at the kitchen. Then it was "call if you have questions" and "I'll send the rest of our paperwork after my doctors appointment next week" and she left.

Whew, after she left Justus was still bouncing around and I asked him whaat was up. He said "I'm just so excited. We're one step closer to adopting!" Man, where did these kids come from? I guess I should expect it, we've been prepping them since they were born practically with the idea of adoption and they have seen as friends have gone through the process so it seems perfectly natural to build our family in this manner. I wish everyone felt this comfortable with adoption.

Since we're talking adopting...let's talk orphans! Mike has visited with orphanages in Haiti and as you can suspect the need is GREAT. He's asking that people mail needed supplies to him in Haiti to deliever to the orphanages. The catch is that the supplies MUST fit in a 12x12x5 box and weigh NO more than 25 lbs. to be delivered through army mail. So, for larger items he needs cash. He has no way to get cash, but can buy large items there. So, I suggest take the risk (it's US Postal the whole way) and stick a bit of cash in the bottom of a care package. You won't get a tax-deduction, but you'll feel good and know that every penny went to the orphans :). it's a LONG list of needs so I can email it to you and I'll post it on my Facebook page.

OH, how could I forget! Reader's Digest called me today to let me know that I'd won 2.5 million dollars, to be delivered tomorrow! The guy asked me how i felt and I answered "disbelief". "Why disbelief he asked?" "Because I seriously doubt this is how I would be notified of winning such a large amount." and hungup. I wonder if they got my number from the disabled american people who scammed Mike? They call and say "we'll send you some overpriced gadget and you send some amount of money. Well, they never sent the gadget, but now they continue to hassle us for the money, constantly expressing surprise that we haven't received a gadget. At least he didn't pay by phone like they wanted. One of these day's I'll remember to contact the Better Business Bureau.

Blessings and Peace!
Blessings and Peace to you!

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