Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 11- and minimal shopping damage

First lesson learned today, ALWAYS check the calendar the night before and don't rely on memory. I was sure that our games were 10, 11, & 12 today. So it felt great waking up at 8:30 getting the kids up...sitting down to facebook. Then at 8:50 I could hear my neighbor fussing at her kids (we share a wall and it was quiet in my house still). I couldn't figure out though what they had done so early to get fussed at, until I heard the door open and realized they were leaving. Her youngest is on Shep's team...quick check calendar...CRAP.... "SHEPHERD YOUR GAME IS IN 10 MINUTES!" We made it there as the game started and I dropped Shep at the door. As I walked in with my neighbor Shep yelled across the Gym floor, which was unusually quiet at that moment, "Thanks for yelling at your kids this morning!" I hushed him from across the gym and the fellow team parents all looked at us and started laughing as we explained what happened. Geez, kids. Good thing the other coach made it back!

Justus had a good game as well and I had so much fun with the other player's moms as we cheered for our kids We played an airforce team today and I got the biggest kick out of how quiet all their parents were and how loud we were. It just seemed to fit some kind of stereotype.

Shep left during the game for AWANA games practice with another friend. Oops, didn't understand that they had tryouts or something and our kids couldn't play. So she brought Shep back, but it solves one of the conflicts I had for game day! I did get the other 2 to their practice, tried to drop them off at the door, but they chased me down to sign some type of release. Geez, who knew kids came with so much freaking paperwork! I had to sign 2 gazillion forms just to play baseball and now more. Egads!

I was determined to shop, but I had no idea what for. I hate that. We went to a fabric store which is close by the church and I picked up fabric for the baby blankets I like to make. So, I can get caught up on that seeing as how I've got 2 already born and 2 on their way! Then we went to get K & J. I still was in a shopping mode so we went to Tuesday Morning..nothing inspiring and then Movie Stop. I found 5 movies, and I let the kids get 1. Gotta love a used movie store (well I got 2 new) that has a buy 3 get 1 free plus a 10% discount for military. 6 movies for like 30 bucks. I got the 80's cold war classic White Nights, St. Elmo's Fire (cause they didn't have sixteen candles or Breakfast club), Walk the Line, The Paper, and Sense and Sensibility. The kids got Eragon, some dragon movie. I've decided that it's time to build Mom's stash of movies. What I really want is a collection of my favorite 80's movies. Like the brat pack flix.
After that I was bored with shopping so home we came. Now, I'm writing early and putting the kids to bed so that I can lay in bed and watch one of my new movies. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

OH, and can I tell you how cool it is that I found my favorite highschool teacher on Facebook! When people ask you about your "most influential teacher" she's always the one I think of. She probably didn't know that. She taught my Senior AP english class, that my freshman year teacher had told me I didn't belong in, but she couldn't take me out. She also gave me my start in Stage Management. So JRH you can thank Mrs. B for us every having met :).

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