Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 4 and going strong (177?)

Woohoo, so I know at least 3 folks are reading this. If you want to be really fancy you can follow me or subscribe in google reader (it's an easy way to track several blogs in one place).

We successfully got everyone to there correct sporting event at the correct time. Shep was at Ft. Monroe. I can't say enough how I LOVE that place. Just driving through makes me smile. According to Shep, he won the game and I didn't argue (fortunately they don't keep score). I was just super thankful not to be coaching :)! The kids have really improved and are doing a much better job as playing as a team. They don't play bunch ball and they don't steal from teammates anymore! So, for that, they are winners in my book too. Justus' team didn't fare so well with a 5-22 loss. I made it for the fourth quarter and got to see him get a rebound. His coach praised him after the game for his rebounding throughout and said hopefully some teammates will start learning to pass. I'm so thankful for my friend Julie who let me drop the kids to her at 9:00 and got them to their game and then even stayed to watch, while her own kids were home with dad.

We considered going to a movie, but after reading the review online Keilah decided that it wouldn't be a good one to see. Justus wasn't so convinced. But, when I reminded him of his reaction to seeing Transformer 2 (he was VERY offended by the language and sexual content and insisted none of his siblings see it) he understood better what the review had said and somewhat reluctantly agreed. By the time we figured this all out it was too late to catch another movie. So we decided instead that mom would take a nap, the kids would clean their rooms and then we'd go do our valentine shopping-K & J both picked new video games and S & A picked...wait, I know you can't guess....Lego's! Then we went to IHOP for dinner. Where Keilah got an adult meal so we could get two kid's meals free. Funny spending $2 on her actually saved $2.

Mike called at the end of the meal and the boy's got to tell him about their games and he shared about his delicious dinner of spicey fish tacos and warm blackberry cobbler washed down with cold glacier water. (that's his way of livening up a tuna MRE-he added the seasoning packet to the tuna and ate it on tortilla. ) He also gave us his mailing address, no boxes bigger than a shoebox at this time. If you'd like it, you're going to have to let me know. Either leave a comment or email me. He didn't get to visit the orphanages today. He'll do a recon tomorrow and take more folks out on Monday. By then he should have good information and we can begin collecting supplies to send to him. Please let me know if you'd like to participate in this effort as well.

I sat at dinner just thinking once again, how blessed I am. Now, I better get off here and go clean MY room! Good night and God bless you all!


Tom Hieb said...

Please email Mike's address. Good blogging today. It would take me a couple of days to write as much content as you.

Michelle said...

Great blog :) I have been quite slack in mine--from which I hear about it from my folks since they don't do FB :) We would like to send toys when that gets all sorted--it is great motivation for myself and my girls to sort through as opposed to stashing the toys :)