Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 12-and a peculiar desire to curtsey.

K and I just finished watching Sense and Sensability this coupled with our current obsession over Pride and Prejudice has us quite at our wits end with a desire to curtsey, attend balls, and speak in clever phrases. Notice I said desire for we seem to have neither the ability or cleverness to achieve these ends. So, we shall settle ourselves with the ability to dream of them and watch whenever we desire.

Best of all was when I asked K about half way into the movie, before Willoughby was revealed to be a cad, who would make the better husband. She answered, "the Colonel". She recognized the attraction of Willoughby but knew that didn't amount to husband material.

But, I will say, the activity of the house kept interrupting our viewing and turned a 2 hour movie into a 4 hour one. I had to investigate a lot of yelling coming from the back of the house. Then based on that investigation I determined to file an MP report as it seemed that there were three boys running around playing with BB/Pellet guns. So, I called the MP's and they were sending someone right over. A few minutes later I got a call. The MP couldn't find my house, now I know we're in a new neighborhood, but geez the MP's should know where we are. I've gave him directions and hung up. A few minutes later the phone range again..."Ma'am, are you on Ft. Knox?" D'OH! I forgot to change the number in my cell phone when we moved. I apologized and called the Ft. Eustis MP's who immediately assured me they had already been investigating and the boy's had soft, foam guns not BB guns. Now, if we could only irradicate the use of the N- word, which is what brought me outside and got me involved to begin with.

Oh, and I forgot to tell Mike that K asked me today is the "F-word f@#$." Calmly I replied, yes and that was the last time I ever wanted to hear that from her mouth. She agree but just need clarity as apparently she and J had been having a discussion regarding what it was and that he had heard it somewhere and thought that was it. I also had to explain what it meant. Ugh, the dark side of growing up. But, I am eternally grateful that K feels she can come and ask me such questions without fear.

Blessings, and remember to ALWAYS change the numbers for local services in your phone!


gwen said...

love the phone number story! once late at night in Ft Benning, we had a huge water leak from the second story bathroom, thru the kitchen ceiling light fixure , down into the basement.... and in my rush to call housing maintanance, somehow I called the MP"S-- and instead of correcting me and telling the right people to call, they came out, checked out my leak, and had to file a police report! craziness! :)- gwen

Laurel said...

okay...if you're obsessed with S&S and P&P...have you discovered Elizabeth Gaskill's work yet? (you probably have...Wives & Daughters, North & South, Cranford). I've LOVED them. It's been a wonderful compliment to my Austen Addiction.

I love your life...and all the good you are doing...God, your family, the country.