Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 10-SAHM is such a misnomer

Stay at Home Mom: who ever came up with that term obviously wasn't a mom! We didn't have one day this week that was a "stay home" day! We don't even get a "stay-home" this weekend. We have games all morning and then the kids have AWANA Games practice all afternoon. Sunday is church and the kids are asking about going into Williamsburg to make candles to replace the one's that got destroyed. I think I'm going to have to tell them no. I know I'll need a nap.

We did have a productive day though, and got it done in less time than I thought we needed. Although, I didn't get the car registered as I had hoped. We did get the older boys registered for baseball and thanks to the deployment A gets 8 months of free TKD! 8 months! The boy's get to play baseball free too! S wasn't going to play, but after hearing the disappointment in Mike's voice last night I asked S again, and mentioned that he would be in the machine pitch league. Well, that changed his mind. So, now we'll be busy through June I guess.

Then we went box shopping. No, I don't mean we went looking for boxes, we went looking for stuff to put IN boxes. We went to Dollar Tree and got some good stuff then we went to Big Lot's, where I learned Tuesday (of course not the day I'm shopping) is 10% military discount day. I'm sure I'll be hitting there again, I bought them out of $.75/4 juice boxes. I figured if I can't mail them, they'll still get drunk. We got to the Post Office with 30 minutes to spare. We packed a box in the parking lot and took it in. We carried in the 4 pack of juice to ask if we could ship it and learned that we could ship any beverage. The only things we couldn't ship were the hazardous one's pictured on the wall, like Bleach, gas, paint, etc. WOOHOO I'll be shipping bottled watter now! Although I still am hoping to find a water purification system we can get down there instead. I warned Mike that I may end up spending all his extra pay on boxes, he was fine with that.

We did manage to get the Mac to the repair shop. The lady made a face when I told her the error message that I couldn't read. So, I hope it's a reaonable fix. It'll probably keep me from buying a new one. AND I've got a friend here who may be able to help me recover the pictures from the huge digital photo album (also known as a broken desktop) that I've been lugging around for the last 5 years because it has A's baby pictures on it! Yes, I now fully understand that pictures are to be transferred to other media. But, even that doesn't match the excitement I felt over learning I can mail liquids. I told Mike I could hardly fall asleep thinking about thirst de-hydrating kids. Then I dreamt about knitting giant tortoise shells. I soooo have to stop listening to Jonathan Park goes to the Galapagos! Seriously, I kept trying to figure out to change the colors and add the honeycomb texture that keeps the shells light enough for the tortoise to carry and yet strong enough to protect him.

Oh, did I mention, that on my ONE day to sleep in this week. My ONE day, I woke up at 6:50. Of course I went back to sleep. Seriously, I was like please God NOT this morning. So, always the jokester, God sent in A at 7:30. And A refused to take go back to bed. I finally said "go play playstation!" He came back 5 minutes later, "Batman's not in and I can't change it, my hand's are too dirty" I had to laugh and get up, because he was following the rule. We won't let him touch the DVD's because we can't keep that child's hands clean. (Now mind you, on Wednesday, I couldn't wake him up until about 9!) Children ARE a blessing from the Lord! Thanks M for the reminder!

Now, I'm going to finally go put in the last half of Pride and Prejudice-Colin Firth edition,and stay up way too late. But, at least basketball doesn't start until 10 tomorrow AND it's on post-less than 3 minutes from my house. I'll probably try to watch it again Sunday. Oh, who am I kidding, we'll probably be out shopping for boxes!


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