Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 13 and losing count

I had to look back at my posts to figure out how many days it's been. I am pleased to report that I have been given a normal life expectancy :). That is one of the questions on the medical form for our homestudy. And all my lab results came back clear, including the STD screening. LOL, yes I had to get an STD screen for the homestudy. I also lost 5 pounds since my first visit. I guess the coke/oreo diet is working! :).

I am sad to report that my car, however, failed it's health test. I forgot that the SRS light was on, as it has been for probably a year. Which resulted in an immediate fail. So, tomorrow bright and early I will be heading to the dealership to leave Rhonda in their capable hands where they will turn off the SRS light (hopefully by fixing the problem) and give Rhonda all new belts and water pump. Apparently those are all items that need to be changed out so that Rhonda the Honda will take us well to 200,000 miles :). I will happily do such necessary, albeit expensive, maintenance since she will soon be ours (well, Mike's really, the title's in his name) free and clear. I'm so looking forward to being car payment free. Only 1 thing left after that and we'll be debt free! I probably should apply some debt snowball type effort to it, but I just don't feel like a gazelle these days.

K & S had their piano lessons. K obviously practiced and the teacher commented that she also has noticed S's artistic temperament. He would rather play by ear, than do the disciplined part of learning notes and reading music. At least he was honest about how much he's practiced. As if she couldn't already tell.

I'm very excited that our AWANA club has decided to use the orphans as their missionary outreach. Mike is taking a team of volunteers out to one tomorrow to do some cleanup work. I am so thankful for the opportunity that he's been given. I pray that UNICEF won't have it's way with the orphans there in Haiti.


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