Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 14-and I'm wearing hubby's shirt

Yup, I'm missing him. I pulled out one of his shirts to wear. J noticed, but thought it might be rude so he didn't say anything. They are so funny.

The day started earlier than I like, but thanks SOOO much to my friend Y for the ride out to the auto dealer. I've known we needed to replace the timing belt, I just didn't want to. Then during the inspection the lady mentioned that the drive belts need replacing. Well, that's what tax returns are for, right? So, I called a dealership to fix the SRS light and get the belts (and waterpump) done. I get a call asking if I've ever notice a clunk when I start from a stop. Um, no noises. Well, the things that hold the engine in place are broken. Hmmm, that seems like it could be important. And did you know that the splash guards are gone. Yes, I know that, we pulled them off. Oh, and a brake light and wiper and yes we can replace the broken heater knob and fix the accessory outlet. I figure if you're going to do it, do it all. So, I'm 1700 poorer, but I feel much better about driving the car all over the country (at least for another 7 years or 100,000 miles). I'm just extremely thankful that I had the money to pay it. Except they didn't have the part to fix the belt, which is under warranty. So, I've got to go back tomorrow for that. So, while my car is more street worthy than it was yesterday. i still can't get the "pass" sticker. Oh, well. Did you know Honda makes a car with a "pet package" Seriously, the floor boards were covered with rubber mats that had bones imprinted on them and the back seats were covered with a doggy pattern fabric that was very easy clean. Even had a built in soft side doggy cage in the back. K & A, you may have bought the wrong car!

A started Tae Kwon Do tonight. I don't think I've ever seen anything so cute in my entire life! He was very serious and tried to follow everything the kids did. He loved the running and kicking and sparring. Then he got called to the front of the class to break a board. Oh, he yells "Hi-yah" very well and he BROKE it. His face was so surprised and he was so proud! The other kids were definitely a bit jealous and now I have 4 who want to take TKD, even though they checked it out at Fort Knox and weren't interested there. We'll see, I'll let K start at the end of cheering, but the other boys have sports year-round. I've got to get a camera. Really, A was so cute at practice I completely forgot what a crank he'd been all day and the hard time he gave his speech teacher. This could be a very good thing for us both!


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